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10. S. Post Street Spokane WA 99201 509.789.7222
8:30 am – 7 pm, Sunday 8:30 am – 4 pm 

The Davenport Grand 333. W. Spokane Falls Blvd.  509.598.4275
8:30 am – 7 pm, Sunday 8:30 am – 4 pm 


When the Davenport Hotel puts its name to something, you know it's an item of excellent quality. Such is the case with everything available at Davenport Home Store – the store that specializes in spreading the luxury of the Davenport Collection – from bedding, bath and apparel to sundries, stationery and furnishings. Also available are soothing bath products from L'Occitane and, of course, the celebrated Davenport mattress.

Patrons at Davenport Home Store travel the world in search of the finest linens, décor, jewelry and gifts for your home. Only the most beautiful pieces make the cut – ones you’d expect to find in the homes and wardrobes of some of the Davenport Hotel’s most notable guests. Also nestled in Davenport Home Store is Davenport Confections – boasting hand-made, gourmet peanut brittle created in the historic Davenport Hotel kitchen using the finest ingredients and pulled on a marble slab – the old-fashioned way

  • Davenport Bed Mattress_400x200

    Davenport Bed Mattress

    When The Davenport Hotel Collection puts its name to something, you know it is an item of quality. The double pillow top mattress is custom made specifically for The Davenport Hotel. We rest our reputation on it.

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  • Davenport Peanut Brittle _400x 240

    Davenport Soft Peanut Brittle

    Enjoy our handmade traditional peanut brittle or rich chocolaty-peanut-buttery brittle available in different box sizes. If you want to taste both, mix and match flavors with our combo box.

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